and the Skolkovo Foundation announce

Second competitive

of technology startups to participate in the acceleration program.


Find innovative solutions in the industrial sector and successfully integrate them into the production cycle of Severstal.

One of the leading vertically integrated mining and steel companies in the world. The company's assets employ about 50,000 people. Among her clients are leading construction, oil and gas, automobile and engineering companies of the country.
Skolkovo Foundation
Russia's largest innovation center, specializing in the development of technology startups for 10 years. More than 100 large industrial companies, together with the Skolkovo Foundation, are engaged in the search and implementation of innovative technologies. Own team of 100+ startup specialists and an expert / mentor panel of 700+ professionals in the field of technology, science and entrepreneurship.
Who are we looking for
Technology / product
  • Prototype stage and above
  • Ready for implementation, possibly with minor tweaks
Applicants / Team
  • Technological companies with a legal entity
  • The presence in the team of core competencies
Why participate
Quick access to a customer in a large corporation and the ability to build partnerships
Direct contact with the direct consumer of the product or solution
Access to company resources to test and refine your product
Support from Skolkovo industry experts
The best projects will launch a pilot with Severstal
Technological focus
Enterprise Energy Efficiency
  • Improving the efficiency of production processes, collection, transportation and consumption of energy
  • New technologies for power generation
  • New ways to recycle secondary gases
  • New technologies for hydrogen production
  • New ways to reduce losses during the repair of energy equipment
  • New methods of remote energy control
  • Collection and utilization of low-grade heat
  • New methods for diagnosing underground utilities
  • Solutions to reduce technical consequences of switching electrical equipment off and after power surges
Repair Activities
  • New methods for diagnosing and predictive analysis of equipment status
  • New materials to increase the life and repair work
  • New technologies for repair work; manufacturing techniques for repair equipment
  • Active Exoskeletons
  • Automation of maintenance and equipment repair processes
  • New technologies for improving the efficiency of repair activities
  • Predictive analytics of locomotive status
  • Automation and robotization solutions for locomotive repair operations
  • A mobile solution for the systematization and aggregation of photo and text information generated during the shipment
  • Solutions for unmanned bulk cargo transportation within the enterprise
  • Radio Negotiation Control Solutions
  • Road Coating Diagnostics Solutions
  • Rail Track Diagnostics Solutions
  • Automated information system for locomotive drivers
  • Alternative fuel sources for cars and rail
  • New technologies for improving the efficiency of repair activities
Sintering production
  • New solutions for determining the chemical and / or technical characteristics of charge materials in a stream
  • New express methods for measuring the chemical composition in a liquid melt
  • Mobile methods for measuring particle size distribution in raw materials
  • New solutions for coal dust briquetting without the use of binders
  • New solutions for the separation of fine dusty materials
  • Solutions for dividing oily scale into components (water, oil, scale)
  • Solutions for the modification of blast furnace slag during its granulation
  • New solutions for the processing of secondary products of blast furnace production into a commercial product
  • New methods of obtaining the finished product using secondary products of blast furnace production
  • Solutions for measuring the thickness of the lining of the working area of metallurgical furnaces by non-destructive method
  • New express methods for determining the chemical composition of gases
  • New solutions for express control of technological parameters of components and processes of sintering and blast furnace production
  • New methods for heating the sinter mixture before sintering
  • New solutions to improve the efficiency of sintering production
Rolling production
  • Metal packaging solutions for protecting metal from mechanic damage and atmospheric corrosion during storage and transportation
  • Metal Packaging Solutions for fixating metal rolls and packs
  • Solutions for protecting roll ends from mechanical damage
  • Decisions to improve the anticorrosive properties of metal and reduce the consumption of cutting fluids during metal rolling
  • Solutions for fluidity bearing life prolongation
  • Cost-effective steel cutting solutions (thickness up to 50 mm)
  • Solutions to reduce the formation of scale on slabs during heating (up to 1400 ° C)
  • Solutions for determining the thickness of the protective coating (polymer, zinc) in the range 0 - 100 μm in the stream (speed of the strip from 50 m / min)
  • Solutions for protecting zinc melt surface from oxidation
  • Solutions for predicting and damping strip vibration during rental
  • Solutions for improving the adhesion of paintwork on cold rolled steel used for two-stage painting
  • Solutions for increasing the resource of working and backup rolls of rolling mills
  • Solutions for increasing the resistance of refractory blocks
  • New solutions (not railway, not conveyor) for inter-workshop transportation of metal in rolls with a temperature of 600 - 800 ° C
  • New solutions to improve the efficiency of rolling production
Technical Development & Improvement of Quality
  • New approaches of mass production in seamless pipes
  • New paintwork materials resistant to mechanical damage
  • New solutions for applying non-metallic coatings to rolled-metal products
  • New solutions for the production of rolled metal armored steel grades
  • New solutions in the area of computer/machine vision
  • Solutions to reduce scaling on hot rolled production
  • New models of hot rolled production process predictive analytics
  • New high-strength polymer coatings of rolled-metal products
  • New solutions for coal sludge enrichment
  • Solutions for the recycling and/or disposal of wooden railway sleepers
  • New solutions to reduce slag converter lances
  • New zinc coating modifiers
  • Solutions for improving the corrosion resistance of polymer coated steel
  • Decisions to reduce the consumption of graphite electrodes
  • Solutions for the elimination of technological corrosion on metal
  • Solutions to increase the corrosion resistance of rolled metal (cold-rolled, hot-rolled) to environmental factors (atmospheric corrosion)
  • Solutions for detecting metal defects leading to breaks in molding
  • Solutions for coating protection (polymer, zinc) on the external turns of the roll during transportation of metal
  • Solutions of steel modification
Steelmaking Operations
  • Solutions for online monitoring of the temperature parameters for the lining of equipment
  • New solutions for the control of gas leaks in pipelines
  • Solutions for increasing the resistance of mold plates of continuous casting
  • Solutions to increase the durability of rollers and bearings of continuous casting
  • New solutions for lubricants operating in high temperature
  • New solutions to control the chemical and/or technical characteristics of the metal smelting process
  • Solutions to increase the durability of oxygen tuyeres
  • New solutions for 100% real-time slab quality control
  • Online control of the position of the molds of the continuous casting machine in for long products in spatial arrangement
  • Online temperature and oxidation measurement during the smelting process
  • Solutions for monitoring the casters position and condition in continuous casting machines
  • Alternative methods in slab’s lightening
  • New technologies for increasing the efficiency of steelmaking production process
Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Solutions for improving inventory management
  • Solutions for improving distribution network management
  • Solutions for recognizing the opponent’s emotional background when communicating and providing recommendations for online communication
  • Innovative Supply Chain Solutions
Labor Protection And Ecology
  • Solutions in the area of online monitoring of human biometric parameters & signaling about their deviations
  • Solutions in the area of tracking the presence of personnel on the factory’s territory (manufacturing facilities, nearby operating equipment, in hazardous areas & working areas)
  • Simulators of work operations with the simulation of accidents and injuries and the development of emergency response plans
  • Innovative ways to conduct examination of vessels and pipelines under pressure
  • Innovative technologies in the area of labor protection and the environment
  • Solutions for automatisation of clients feedback aggregation systems (from different sources)
  • Automatic product pricing solutions
  • Solutions for automated systems for working with data and operational calculations
  • Solutions for combining data from different accounting systems (1C, SAP, etc.)
  • Solutions for customs clearance process automation of products at the enterprise
  • Solutions for online in-depth study of customer needs
Recycling of Industrial Waste
  • New solutions for the processing of secondary products of steelmaking production into a marketable product
  • New solutions for the processing of "empty" rocks into a marketable product
  • Solutions for the processing of metallurgical sludge
  • Innovative methods / technologies / equipment for the disposal of buildings / structures and processing of the materials obtained (concrete, reinforced concrete, glass, plastic, wood, asphalt chips and bitumen-containing materials, brick and waste mortar, etc.)
  • Solutions for the processing of liquid waste from metallurgical production
Accelerator’s Stages
Application Deadline
Examination of Applications
Selection Day for Pre-Accelerator stage
Selection Day & Acceleration Program Launching
Demo-day for the Finalists
The Team of Severstal
The Team of Skolkovo Fund
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